The LED Skin Care Plano for Acne, Acne Treatments, Balding & Wrinkles is not the QUICK fix, but the REAL fix, "Light years" ahead of the rest.

We're is not your typical Day Spa, Derm Office or Plastic Surgeon Palace.  In fact, we are not ordinary.  We take a scientifically validated, INSIDE OUT approach towards healthy, vibrant, youthful skin.  Pills, aggressive treatments, sanding the skin, scabbing chemicals and lasers, are not part of our offerings, on purpose, because we practice 21st century technologies and philosophies. 
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Estheticians at the LED Skin Care Center have additional, extensive training in skin, skin therapies, product ingredients, electrical modalities, chemical peels, and more.  Our Estheticians are required to take continuing, on-going, educaiton through out the year. Many of their classes are taken at the International Dermal Institute, a world renowned training institution for Skin Therapist in Dallas, Texas.  In addition, the LED Skin Care Plano has a Dermalogica Expert "Plus" Esthetician on staff, one of only eleven in the United States as of August, 2014 with this ranking.  

Our speciality is Acne.  Acne Breakouts and Acne Scarring can all be prevented when you know and understand acne triggers.  Yes, diet DOES matter!  So do sleep, stress, hydration, "skin type" skin care protocols, hygiene, touching your face, cells phone, pillows and more…..

Imagine…a solution that offers QUICK and IMMEDIATE RELIEF from painful, red, irritating, inflammed acne.  LED Blue and LED Red Light treatments are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to work on acne!  Added benefits include:  Skin smoothing, remodeling and if treated early enough during the healing stage prevent acne scarring.  Large pores purge and shrink, skin tone balances out as the redness and inflammation fade away. 

Blue LED light treatments are "light years" ahead of the rest for acne.  You have No girl+under+light HelloDowntime,  take No Pills, suffer No Peeling, Redness or Irritation when you follow our protocols for acne.  Your skin will quickly change and transform.  Don't suffer one more day from the destruction Acne can leave behind, scarring.  Scarring can be for life! Stop and Cure your Acne today!!

Red and InfraRed LED treatments go beyond the "typical" spa 553154 3289293121677 1919056979 n 2 300x186 Hellosolutions for anti-aging (wrinkles, age spots, un-even skin tone, large pores, collagen and elastin remodeling).  Your skin gets better and better with each LED treatment.   There is so much "hype" today that you just don't know who to believe.  At the LED Skin Care Plano we offer "Scientifically" validated solutions and education so you can get real results. 

So…. if you’re frustrated and tried everything for acne free skin, wrinkles, hair loss, AND, have tried all the latest fad gold, caviar and oxygen facials, used microderm for years and now noticing those tiny little capillaries popping up,  tried every chemical peel and laser on the market and you're STILL not getting the results you want.  Then I encourage you to pick up the phone and call us for a life transforming skin consultation. Learn once and for all what your skin "type" is and what you can do for it.

Eliminating Stress and hormonal fluctuations caused from stress are an integral part of treating acne.  

Busy minds and stressed bodies contribute to acne breakouts and rapid aging.  Take our 6 Week Mind, Body and Spirit Challenge and watch the signs of aging fade away, while detoxing and relaxing to help calm your frazzled nerves, and slow hormonal oil production.

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Imagine a deep penetrating heat of Far InFraRed & spinal movement loosening aching, sore muscles while your mind floats off into alpha consciousness. Benefits are many; Lymphatic Drainage, Spinal Alignment, Cellular Detoxification, Stimulating your Metabolism and Burning Calories flat on your back. Wake up with a clear mind, fully rejuvenated and notice the signs of aging, aches & pains have just melted away.

Call us now and schedule your FREE SKIN CONSULTATION so we can get you onto the journey of looking radiant, feeling great and having the energy you had years ago. Call 214-587-3786 TODAY!
"Just Results from the Inside Out"

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