LED for Hair Growth

At the LED Skin Care Center in Plano, Tx we are growing hair! 
Toxic Topicals & Pills, Painful Surgery, Downtime or Recovery

Even through
Hair Transplant SCARS!!!

Hair Growth through Hair Transplant Scar 150x150 LED for Hair Growth

Our Protocol:

  • Oxygenates deprived hair follicles with life giving oxygen
  • Hydrates hair follicles for a soft healthy full head of hair
  • Feeds hair follicles with life giving nutrients
  • Detoxes, purges and cleanses clogged hair follicles of  sufficating debris
  • Provides not 15, 60 or 120 life stimulating LED’s but over 1500 Life stimulating LED lights that ignite & stimulate new life into your hair follicle.    

we get NEW HAIR GROWTH in WEEKS, not months!

Get Started today!

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